A Look at How to Quickly Establish New Lawn Turf

When establishing new lawn from turf, the initial two to three weeks make up the critical phase. Often, Sydney homeowners who lay new lawn fail to take proper care of it. They then put the blame on the company that supplied or laid it when problems occur a few weeks later. When laying turf you must ensure that you take extra time to water it and look after it, or it will inevitably die. Below is a look at how to quickly establish new lawn turf. Sydney based turf company greener lawn not only has a great range of turfs available but also expert advice on how to make sure your grass stays green and vibrant all year round.

A good suggestion for walking on freshly laid turf is placing planks or boards on the surface, walking straight on the lawn after its been laid is not a good idea, as it will create foot depressions on it. As soon as a homeowner is done with accessing the lawn, he or she can remove the boards. Any maintenance work should be done from the boards at all times. Two lines of planks or boards are needed; one for laying the boards and another for gaining access to the plank or board that is nearest to the turfing line. Any foot traffic should be done via boards, including equipment such as wheelbarrows. Laying the turf should be started from the edges with a single full turf, beginning from the stack that is furthest and working towards it. Pets and children should be kept off the new lawn, and directed to play in other parts of the garden.

For the grass plants to survive and develop a new root system, it is important for the soil on its back and that below it to be kept moist for the entire period of establishment that lasts about four weeks. For the Sydney homeowner to apply enough water to the turf, certain equipment will be needed. Merely using a hosepipe is not enough for the volume of water needed. Attaching an oscillating sprinkler to the pipe end would make it possible for water to be applied evenly while at the same time making the job easier. Drenching the turf is not a good idea since it is likely to rot. Thus, the sprinkler should not be left in the same place for more than 15 minutes. To find out if the water is soaked underneath, the homeowner can lift a turf or push a sharp object into the ground. Making sure that the edges are watered too. Should it rain, some parts of the lawn, especially the overhanging edges under shrubs may not get moisture and thus need to be watered by hand.

The more the turf is mowed, the more the growth in individual grass leaves will be observed. This means the lawn will have a denser sward. On the other hand, the less often the lawn is mowed, the thinner the sward will be. This will result in the turf becoming more mossy, weedy and disease-ridden. In any mowing session, only less than 25% of the grass height should be taken off. The turf will grow quite fast; meaning it will need to be mowed about a week after it is laid. Homeowners can visit Greener Lawn’s website for more information on turf http://greenerlawn.com.au/turf-sydney

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